Charitable Giving

You do a final email check at the end of the day. Your favorite charity is asking for help in their latest crisis, complete with photos. Do you say “yes” and send them another $50 or do you refer to your giving plan? If you don’t have one, Tom Sirois can help you align your giving with your overall financial plan.

Are you benefitting fully from the tax advantages of giving? Are you sure you’re donating to organizations that are in harmony with your passions and values? At Berkshire Hills Financial, we can determine the health of the organizations you want to support and make certain your money is really going where it will do the most good. Ask Tom to help you develop a giving strategy that will work for you and the charities you support.

Tom says:
“Giving to a charity can be the ultimate ‘feel good’ financial act. You should be smiling as you’re writing the check.”

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