Second Opinion

Where do you get your financial advice? If it’s from your banker, insurance agent or investment professional, they may not have your best interests at heart. If it’s from your next door neighbor or your Uncle Harry, they may not have the background and experience to understand today’s complex financial products.

At Berkshire Hills Financial you get experience you can trust. Tom works directly for you—he doesn’t receive commissions, fees or other compensation for selling products. In fact, his only product is advice tailored to your needs and based on your best interests.

Whether you have a one-time need for financial counsel on a home mortgage or you wish to have an ongoing, knowledgeable second opinion about your investment portfolio, contact Tom. He can help you make informed financial decisions in these volatile economic times.

Contact Tom today for your Financial Second Opinion.

Tom says:
“Most institutions sell you financial products because it’s good for them, not because it’s good for you.”

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