Money Coaching

How do you relate to money? Is it your friend? Or something that scares you? If you are in debt or confused about your current financial situation, you are having emotional reactions to something that can be solved logically with the right set of tools. At Berkshire Hills Financial, we understand the roots of money problems.

If you long for financial security, but think it’s a dream that will never come true, you owe it to yourself to talk to Tom. He’ll begin by understanding your current situation and helping you to discover the barriers you face. Then he’ll work with you to put your dreams into financial goals. Together you’ll develop a plan that will enable you to have what you want.

Contact Tom Sirois now for a free introductory session.

Tom says:
“Financial mistakes don’t just happen. They come from the entire history of your relationship with money beginning in childhood.”

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  1. My son is getting married in May and we are interested in giving he and his fiance a Financial Coaching Service. They live in Austin, Texas. They are college educated kids, the fiance has some student loans. My son has a graduate degree from Syracuse and has been admitted to the McCombs Graduate school of business but neither of them have any personal financial decision making skills. They are excited about the concept they are not hostile participants! Do you have any ideas how this might fit with your offerings?


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